The German Pharmacy Museum
located in the Castle of Heidelberg

Logo Deutsches Apotheken-Museum

The Workplaces


The first public dispensaries developed from medieval stalls in the surroundings of churches or on the market-places to shops in solid buildings, which were also situated at central areas like the market-places of the time’s rising towns.

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The Room for herbs and storage

Reached by a little flight of stairs, we enter another typical area of pharmacy work. It’s the room where herbs, spices and other solid materials were crushed and ground. Large quantities of raw drugs were finished and then stored in here.

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Leaving the herb room, our tour enters museum areas dedicated to different special items, such as pharmacy symbols, development of vessels and mortars, balances and weights, before reaching a workplace which for a long period of time was the most important one for the pharmacists: the laboratory.

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