The German Pharmacy Museum
located in the Castle of Heidelberg

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    Museum´s Shop


    Apart from classical Heidelberg souvenirs our museum shop also offers a wide range of beautiful things from the context of the “Ancient Pharmacy Shop”, especially articles known as so called marginal goods, such as hygiene products, spirituous beverages or confectionery.

    Take a look at those fine and delicately scenting soaps for example, handmade by the Heidelberger Seifenmanufaktur Savon vivre, as well as our precious fumigating resins and perfumed oils.

    Pharmacy vessels made of glas, wood and ceramics true to the originals, as well as high quality mortars made from marble, porcelain, bronze and brass are not only lovely pieces for decoration but can also be used at the table and in the kitchen, where tasty pharmacist’s distillates - of which an exclusive choice can also be bought in our shop, of course - presumably play an important role as well.

    Even friends of sweet delicacies won’t be disappointed. They will find a large variety of tasty bonbons such as the spicy-sweet “Magenmorsellen”, a pharmacist’s speciality after a recipe many hundreds of years old, with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and a lot of other spices. Furthermore, we offer a rich choice from the assortment of the Heidelberger Bonbon-Manufaktur, such as fine peppermints in pretty tins with historical motives.