The German Pharmacy Museum
located in the Castle of Heidelberg

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Our Pharmacy Shop for Children

Come and visit the "Children´s Pharmacy" - hands on for kids

In room 4 of the German Pharmacy Museum our younger visitors are invited to stay and enjoy themselves: It’s equipped with a preparation table and a drawer cabinet just like a traditional community pharmacy. All parts here are rebuilt and therefore accessible to our smaller guests – and the grown-ups as well. In the top rack typical pharmacy vessels are waiting, filled with different tea ingredients, which can (and might!) be opened: What does rasped licorice root look like? And how does Icelandic Moss smell, by the way?

Although we call this area our “Children’s pharmacy” the great number of adults who can be found there sniffling at open tea tins and discussing all the different substances and ingredients available indicate that the offers here seem to fascinate not only the kids!

Tea blending station

Medicine is only available on prescription – and this applies to the German Pharmacy Museum also!

Our small visitors receive their Yummy-Cough-Tea- or their Tasty-Refreshing-Tea- prescription in the entrance hall of our museum. To be perfectly readable and understandable for everybody it is illustrated with drawings of those medical plants used for blending each of the teas. All ingredients needed are already prepared for the kids on the preparation table in the children’s pharmacy area.
On the tea tins they will recognize the same drawings as in the prescription. To mix the tea blend quickly the illustration motives from recipe and tin can be paired like in Pelmanism. To set their essential oils free, the three ingredients for each tea may be crushed in the mortar.
At the counter in the entrance hall, together with the prescription the children received a beautiful paper bag to transport “their” tea mix already. It can be used to fill in the tea and take it home in order to brew it up.

Flavour Station

A small flavour station invites children to sniffle and divine several substances. What’s scenting so delicious in the vessels numbered 1 to 6? Guess and make your notes in the printed form prepared for you. You want to know if you were right? Simply ask our museum employees at the counters in the entrance hall or in the museum’s shop – they will help!