The German Pharmacy Museum
located in the Castle of Heidelberg

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You would love your crispy bratwurst? Or maybe you’d rather prefer some tasty vegetarian dishes? From professional wine tastings in our excellent wine cellar up to a gourmet Michelin-starred menu – please feel free to take your choice from our wide range of gastronomic speciality offers!

During the day

Right next to the visitor’s centre, in the castle’s historic tack room, you may appease your feeling of a first slight hunger with a lot of different tasty snacks.

In the historical baking house, found in the castle’s courtyard, you might enjoy a fine selection of regional delicacies à la carte. Especially in summer, it is most beautiful to rest on the restaurant’s terrace and enjoy the magnificent view all over the old town of Heidelberg .

And also, in the ancient barrel cellar you won’t miss a thing. You should try our excellent wine tasting venue there, additionally offering diverse snacks of high taste and quality.

In the Evening

If you are thinking of having a very special evening you should visit the most romantic gourmet restaurant of our region – Scharff’s Schlossweinstube (Scharff’s Castle Wine Tavern). Star cook Martin Scharff – who was continuously honoured with a Michelin Star in every of the last 20 years – serves all kind of exquisite gastronomic treats connoisseurs from far and wide indulge and appreciate. 

When the German Pharmacy Museum meets Heidelberg Castle’s Gastronomy…

…it’s a culinary tête-à-tête to look forward to! On our little special tour through the German Pharmacy Museum’s marvellous Renaissance rooms we will introduce you to all the interesting facts to know about exactly those herbs and spices you will enjoy in your multi-course menu in the castle’s Michelin-starred gastronomy later. Just let yourself be inspired, and enjoy!

For more information about the Heidelberg Castle Gastronomy and details about planning your event with us, please visit the Heidelberg Castle Gastronomy’s Website and get in touch with us, if you like.


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